KÜNSTLER - KonzertSaison 2022




Claudio Sanna, pianoforte

Marco Ligas, violino

Donatella Parodi, viola

Giuseppe Fadda, violoncello

Luca Ghidini, contrabbasso

The Ars Musicandi Ensemble was founded in 1994 within the Musicando Insieme Association.


Various conductors and soloists collaborate in the programming of the Ars Musicandi Ensemble, mainly oriented towards a careful study of the Baroque repertoire.

Parallel to the chamber ensemble, the various musicians carry out an activity aimed at stylistic and philological research in the classical and romantic repertoire with small ensembles and a staff extended to wind instruments. T

he quintet is made up of the first parts of the chamber orchestra and the different professional experiences of its members give the quintet, on this occasion with the pianist Claudio Sanna, great versatility and flexibility.
All the elements of the quintet, independently, include professional collaborations with renowned orchestras and conductors.
The Ars Musicandi Ensemble has toured in France, Japan, Malta, Spain and the United Kingdom, always enjoying great acclaim from the public and critics.



“The world’s best dancer,” as the Paris daily Liberation has referred to him, Pablo Veron is one of the tango’s most celebrated ambassadors.

His unique dance style has earned him the respect of tango dancers of all ages worldwide.

Widely recognized as the key figure in the modernization and renewed popularity of the sensual dance from Buenos Aires, “Pablo Veron has the feet of God,” according to the New York Times.

As a choreographer and performer, he has participated in countless tango shows across the globe, including the legendary, award-winning Tango Argentino, and has danced for figures as prestigious as President Bill Clinton in the White House. He has shared the big screen with Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, Robert Duvall and Kirsten Dunst in the following films: The Tango Lesson (in which he danced, choreographed and played the leading role), The Man Who Cried, Assassination Tango, Upside Down and Nuestro Ultimo Tango.

Pablo also starred in the successful multimedia production Tanghost and composed the music for his fusion concert Millennium Tango. His incredible work as a choreographer and performer has earned him many accolades, including the American Choreography Award, a grant from the prestigious Guggenheim Foundation, and a prize from the Argentine Society of Authors and Composers (SADAIC) for sharing Argentine culture abroad.


In a career that has spanned more than three decades, Pablo has developed his own personal teaching method to convey the profound and subtle art of the dance.

Between rehearsals and performances, he offers workshops and intensive seminars in cities worldwide.


Started at an early age her dance education in Classical dances, Jazz, Spanish dances,
Argentinian “folcklore” and Contemporary dance and from age 13 Argentine Tango.

Ending her studies at 2001, she perfects in Contemporary dance, “Tango Salon” and
“Tango Escenario” with renowned tango teachers.
Carolina Giannini has performed, as a professional Tango Dancer, in Dance Theaters, Concert
Halls, Universities, Radios and TV programs, in different countries of the five continents, the most famous were the “ Peacock Theater”, “Sadlers Wells” in London; “Joyce Theater” in NY, “Teatro Victoria” in Barcelona; “Walt Disney Concert Hall” in Los Angeles, USA; Petronas Filharmonik Hall de Kuala Lumpur, Malasya; “Shangai Oriental Arts Center” , Shangai; “Badminton Theater” in Athenas; “Foile Bergére” in Paris; “Sala Kongresowa” in Warsaw; at TV: BBC from London, Sky News (Sky TV London), “Good day NY” (Fox NY), “Antenna 3” (Spain), “Toca a Mexer” (TV Sic, Portugal). As part of the ballet of Aída V. Mastrazzi School, at theater such as “San Martín”, “De la Rivera” in Buenos Aires city, among others.
She joined the steady performers of the emblematic houses of Tango Shows: “Piazzolla Tango”, “Tango Porteño”, “Metro Theater”, “La Ventana” “ El Viejo Almacén”, “Taconeando”, “La Vereda de Beba”, “Legendaria de Buenos Aires”, “Boca Tango” , “Sr. Tango”, “Pasión de Tango”, “La  Manufactura Papelera”, “Café Tortoni” and  was part of the companies Min-On Concerts Association, El viejo Almacén Tours, Compañía Tango Fire, Compañía Tango Inferno (Primer Bailarina), Compañía Tango Pasión, Compañía Fusion Tango- Tanguardia.

She currently participates in international and private events for different international and
national companies, and give seminars of Tango Salón, Tango Escenario, and performs at different Schools, Milongas and Tango festivals around the world.



Angelika is a professional contemporary dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher. She received her dance education in New York City, studying modern and contemporary dance at the Alvin Ailey Amercian Dance School, at Movement Research, at Dance Space Center and classical Ballet with Zvi Gotheiner.

After her dance training, Angelika became a member of various dance companies in theaters such as Staatstheater Kassel, Staatstheater Oldenburg, Theater Osnabrück, Theater Freiburg/Heidelberg. As a freelancer, she has worked across Europe, USA and Korea with many different choreographers and directors.

In 2011, Angelika was a DanceWEB scholar at the Impulstanz Festival Vienna and has since then been teaching at dance festivals, companies and education institutions (HZT Berlin etc).

She is part of the guest faculty at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) since 2020 and is an MFA student (performing arts) at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Due to her focus of interest in partnering work, she became fond of Tango, which she started studying more deeply. Her fascination of its complex and expressive kinetic vocabulary brought her to Buenos Aires to learn from teachers such as Valencia Batiuk, Gustavo Naveira among others. In Tango, Angelika perceives the essence of polarity through structure and freedom, communication and silence, individuality and connection. 

In 2014 she met Giorgos Protopappas, with whom she started researching and teaching.

Together, they are developing SOMAFI, a practice merging body awareness, contemporary partnering, contact-improvisation and Tango-elements into one holistic movement system. Additionally, Angelika is a shiatsu practitioner and yoga teacher.

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Rosa Ginger Berg's entire life has always been devoted to art and dance in the most varied ways. She studied sculpture with Michelangelo Pistoletto and new media with Peter Kogler at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the Argentine tango in Buenos Aires and fashion design at SITAM Vienna.


Celebrating art and her creativity is very important to Rosa Ginger Berg and has taken her to a wide variety of places around the world.

She has lived in Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Italy, Spain and Vienna.


At the beginning she devoted herself to the fine arts, painting, photography and mixed media works, only to later find her artistic expression in the Argentine Tango and its unique culture. For more than twenty-five years she has worked internationally as a dancer, choreographer and trainer of the Argentine tango, as well as director of her own tango academy "Pasional Tango Club" (Buenos Aires / NY / Paris / Costa Blanca / Vienna) and "Rosa de Tango" and has taken part in numerous international festivals, film- and tango productions and organized tango trips, milongas, festivals etc.

For years she danced and taught with Carlos Forte-Berg (1999 to 2015),  starting with their own milonga in the famous Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires in 1998, they jointly founded the Pasional Tango Club in different continents / cities and were able to passing on their passion for the Argentine Tango to hundreds of students using a unique structured learning system that they created.

In 2019 Rosa founded her art jewelry label La Maison de Ginger at the same time.

Growing up in a family of artists and musicians, she assisted already as a child as a listener in the orchestra pit of the Graz Opera, where her father played the bassoon, in what was then and now the magical world of music and theater. Out of gratitude for these irretrievable experiences, she feels, out of her artistic responsibility, to personally approach art in a very authentic way, beyond the paths of the mainstream, and to discover and promote other artists as well.


Rosa Ginger Berg appears at Moment Musical as a co-organizer, manager and founding member.



Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martin is the third generation of a family with a long tradition that transmits Argentine tango internationally: from the firsts milongas held by his grandfather Leonardo Acosta in 1959 to the most recently established Argentine tango school in London by his father, Leonardo Alberto Acosta and his partner Tracey Tyack-King.

From 1999 to 2002, Martin was a student of María and Carlos Rivarola at the University of Tango to continue his learning until 2003. In the Same year he participated in the Tango World Cup, ranking among the finalists in the Salon Tango category. Martin has also been part of professional dance companies, such as R.E.A. Dance, with which he acted in the theater production "Broken Tango", "Tango Fatal" in Italy and Adriano Maurielo's company in the production of his work "Revelation" among others, Martín also appeared on MTV UK, in the video clip " The Music "(Lovelle & Ray Foxx).

In 2011, he won the first prize in the 3rd Open Show Dance of Andalusia. In addition, he performed at numerous events and festivals, including the South London Festival in 2011 and the Vienna International Tango Amadeus Festival in 2013 and 2014.

Currently Martin resides in Vienna directs the company "Our Tango" and organizes every year the Vienna Tango Congress



was formed in 1992 as ensemble interested in contemporary music.

From the very beginning, it has been deeply interested to the Piazzolla repertoire and to Tango in general. Hyperion has taken part, during its 29 years of activity in over 1000 shows, festivals and theatres all over Europe, offering a wide repertoire ranging from contemporary Tango to traditional Tango.

Since its foundation has collaborated with various renowned bandoneonists such as Luis Stazo, Juan Josè Mosalini, Daniel Binelli, Alfredo Marcucci, Josè Luis Betancor, Victor Villena; the regular bandoneonists in the Ensemble are actually Nicola Maceratesi and Gino Zambelli, while the singers are actually the argentinians Martin Troncozo and Hernan Godoy. Hyperion Ensemble is regularly invited to the most renowned Tango Festivals all over Europe: Paris, Brussels, London, Barcelona (Sitges), Istanbul, Tarbes, Porec, Athens, Torino, Rome, Firenze, Genova, Mantova etc.

They have musically accompanied many Shows with famous international Companies and dancers like “Tangovivo” with Union Tanguera of Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega, “Tango x 2 “ with Miguel Angel Zotto, “Tango Metropolis” with Claudio Hoffmann and Daniel Binelli, “Conceptango” with the company of Leo Calvelli y Eugenia, “TangObsesion” with the company Leonardo Cuello, “Tango Nuevo” with Roberto Herrera’s company and, others: in 2015 and 2017 Ensemble took part to the german Tour of Gustavo Russo’s Company in the show Tango in Red.

In this occasions Ensemble has appeared in the most famous theatre scenes over Europe, such as Teatro Regio and Auditorium Lingotto in Turin, Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Teatro Carlo Felice in Genova, Darmstadtium in Darmstadt, Brucknerhaus in Linz, Die Glocke in Bremen Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome, Dom Musyck a Mosca, Teatro Regina Victoria in San Sebastian, Trui teatro in Palma de Mallorca, Concert Noble Bruxelles, Mustafa Kemal Merkezi in Istanbul, Mohammed V in Rabat (Marocco), Blue Note in Milan …


In 2019 the Ensemble did 2 intercontinental Tours: in Bali-Jakarta-Dubai (march) and in the U.S.A. (December). The Ensemble has often performed with others famous dancers as Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Miguel Angel Zotto, Javier Rodriguez, etc. in several venues and Festival around Europe.


Often the ensemble features soloists like Cristina Vilallonga, Sandra Rumolino, Silvia Lallana (voice), Franco Luciani (harmonic), Luis Bacalov (composer and pianist), Cesar Angeleri (guitar). Recently began collaborating with the singer Antonella Ruggiero in the show “Contemporanea Tango”.

Has often performed accompanied by Symphonic orchestra, mainly with the 45 musicians of the Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana. Ensemble’s record production has released 9 CDs: “Livin Tango” (1998) – “Boulevard Tango” (2000) – “Corso Buenos Aires” (2005) – “Buenos Aires hora cero” (2006) – “Hyperion Live in Paris”, with the special participation of Luis Stazo (2008) – “Contemporanea Tango” with Antonella Ruggiero (2010) – “Epoca de Oro” (2011) – “Remembranzas” (2014), “Tango 9” (2016), “Hasta siempre amor” (2018).



Cantante argentina residente en Viena, apasionada por el tango: „Me representa. Lo llevo en el corazón.

No lo canto, lo siento.

Argentine singer living in Vienna,  dedicating her life and passion to Tango.

''I don't sing it, I feel it'' No more words needed!



Graduated in piano and chamber music with full marks at the Conservatory of Sassari, the Academy of Music in Pinerolo and the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, he performed as a soloist with the Sassari Philharmonic, with the Youth Orchestra of Fiesole and with the Musicians of Parma for various prestigious venues, including the Vatican Museums, Ehrbarsaal of Vienna, Teatro Comunale “L. Pavarotti ”of Modena, Teatro della Tosse of Genoa, Sala Vivaldi of the National Library of Turin, Philharmonic of Rovereto, Bibiena Theater of Mantua, Municipal Theater of Sassari and Municipal Auditorium of Cagliari.

He dedicates himself with particular passion to the chamber repertoire, collaborating with the first parts of Berliner Philharmoniker, Wiener Symphoniker, Teatro alla Scala, Arena di Verona, Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza. Among the most significant concerts held in recent years, the performance of Pierrot Lunaire by A. Schoenberg with Sonia Bergamasco at the voice for the Festival "The Great Interpreters of Music" in Sassari and La Petite Messe Solennelle by G. Rossini with the City of Parma Choir for the “G. Verdi ”in Parma.

He has collaborated with ADM Soundscape, a chamber ensemble specialized in the repertoire of the twentieth century, with which he has performed for prestigious concert companies and theaters, tackling some of the most complex contemporary works (Arpège by F. Donatoni, Tria ex uno by G.F. Haas) as well as several premieres written specifically for this formation. As a composer she trained at the school of Emilio Ghezzi and Paolo Ugoletti, publishing her works for the Swiss label Hat Hut Records and the Portuguese publishing house Ava Edition.

He currently collaborates as a master collaborator for the Arena of Verona, the Salso Summer class & festival of Salsomaggiore Terme, Music and Nature of Porto Torres, in collaboration with the Masters Marco Zoni, Daniele Agiman, Antonio Amenduni, Alessandro Moccia, Marco Scano, Simonide Braconi, Cristhoph Hartmann, Marie- Francoise Pallot, Gabriele Croci, Vadim Brodski, Patrick De Ritis!

MKPofficial 2022.jpg


Mathias Kahler-Polagnoli born 1969 in Linz/Austria, son of Joerg Kahler, visual artist of the Austrian fantastic realism, and Veronica Polagnoli an artist herself. Early on Mathias took interest in the art of acting.

He grew up at Lake Attersee/Austria, in Vancouver/Canada and Bolzano/Italy. By the age of 16 Mathias started taking acting classes at the Linz Bruckner-Conservatory.

It was there that he was casted for his first theatre production. 

Since 1989 he works for many ensembles in Germany and Austria. In 1994 he made his debut on German television in the TV-series “Kommissar Rex”. Ever since he has been part of numerous successful TV, cinema and stage productions in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Most recently in the Italian TV Series “Everybody Loves Diamonds (IT 2023) on Amazon Prime streaming.

Today Mathias Kahler-Polagnoli lives and works in Vienna, Austria. 



Kammerorchester Wiener Concert-Verein

Der Wiener Concert-Verein (WCV) ist ein Kammerorchester internationalen Formats, das den ursprünglichen Namen der Wiener Symphoniker trägt und 1987 von jungen Mitgliedern dieses weltberühmten Orchesters gegründet wurde.

Das Orchester engagiert sich intensiv für einen Brückenschlag zwischen der klassischen Musik im herkömmlichen Sinn und der zeitgenössischen Musik. Der WCV versteht sich als Botschafter und Mittler zwischen musikalischen Horizonten, die keine Gegensätze, sondern wertvolle Ergänzung und Tradition darstellen.

Dabei trägt er österreichische Kultur sehr erfolgreich weit über die Landesgrenzen hinaus. Bestätigt wird dies durch Konzertreisen nach Asien und Nordamerika, sowie durch das Konzertieren an bedeutenden Musikstätten Europas, wie beispielsweise der Berliner Philharmonie, dem Wiener Konzerthaus, dem Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden und dem Tschaikowskij Konservatorium in Moskau .

Weiters wirkte der WCV bei bedeutenden Festivals mit. Hier sind die Bregenzer Festspielen, der Carinthischer Sommer, das Menuhin Festival in Gstaad, Dubrovnik Festival, Festival Mozart@Augsburg, die Festspiele Europäische Wochen Passau, die Haydn Festspiele Eisenstadt und die Wiener Festwochen zu nennen.

Zudem unterhält das Orchester in seiner Heimatstadt seit 1993 einen eigenen Konzert-Zyklus für die Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien.

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Patrick De Ritis, Fagott

Patrick de Ritis wurde in Frankreich geboren, aufgewachsen in Italien.
 Studium am Konservatorium Santa Cecilia in Rom bei Marco Costantini und im Anschluss daran bei Milan Turkovic am Mozarteum in Salzburg und Klaus Thuneman.

Seit seinem 16. Lebensjahr erhielt Patrick de Ritis mannigfache Preise, Auszeichnungen, Wettbewerbe und Engagements auf der ganzen Welt als Solist und Dozent für Fagott und Kammermusik und später als Dirigent.
Seit 1991 Solofagottist der Wiener Symphoniker, viele Auslands-Tourneen mit dem Orchester, Mitglied des Kammerorchesters der Wiener Symphoniker
„Wiener Concert-Verein“ – zahlreiche Konzerte

Unter der Leitung bedeutender Dirigenten wie Georges Prêtre, Vladimir Fedosejev und vielen anderen - zahlreiche Solokonzerte in weltberühmten Konzertsälen in Japan, USA, Europa, China, Russland, Brasil.

Seit 1985 reguläre Unterrichtstätigkeit für Fagott und Kammermusik an der Musikhochschule L. d’Annunzio in Pescara.

Zahlreiche CD Produktionen mit Naxos of America, Slovart Records, Bongiovanni uA.
Gründer und Leiter des Bläserensembles European Wind Soloists.
Gründer und künstlerischer Leiter des Musikzyklus Moment Musical.




Sacha De Ritis, Flöte

Sacha De Ritis, son of art, began studying the flute at the Conservatory L. D'Annunzio in Pescara with Maestro Sandro Carbone and graduated under the guidance of Maestro Vilma Campitelli.
He studied with M ° C. Klemm, Karl Heinz Schütz, Dante Milozzi.
He has collaborated with the following orchestras as principle flute and soloist such as Petruzzelli Theater in Bari, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Viotti Orchestra, Akademia Musicale in Varonezh, Ensemble European Wind Soloists.
He has recorded for Naxos of America and Wide Classique.
He was a flute teacher at the L. Cherubini Conservatory in Florence and currently holds the chair of flute at the A. Scontrino Conservatory in Trapani/ Sicily.
He is the artistic director of the international music competition "Città di Penne" and artistic director of the of the "summer encounters" music festival.
He holds musical specialization courses at important Italian and foreign institutions.